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Why Your IT Team Needs to Think Like a CEO

10 mins read
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Dhoof Mohamed

Your IT team is one of the most important catalysts to scaling your business. The typical IT team spends the vast majority of their time on maintaining the technology infrastructure of the business. Although this is a primary function of an IT team, mainly focusing on maintenance can lead to the stagnation of a business. In contrast, the most successful businesses have IT teams that operate like executives.

An executive approach to IT operations and management ensures that IT teams are working towards the business goals in addition to the technology goals of a business. Introducing your IT team to thinking like a CEO can help scale your business while maintaining the highest technology standards for your customers. 

What does thinking like a CEO look like?

Clearly identifying what thinking like a CEO looks like will help your IT team adopt this mindset. A CEO is the corporate leader of a business. Instead of focusing on the minute details of the business, the CEO focuses on the key strategic initiatives that will lead to the growth of the business.

The handful of initiatives that the CEO focuses on will have a vast impact on key areas of the business like hiring, using different technologies and the customers that the business will target. The vision, purpose and culture set by the CEO greatly influences how the business is run.

How can IT teams use an executive approach to operations?

Be a stakeholder in business objectives: One of the best ways IT teams can start thinking like a CEO is by being a stakeholder in primary business objectives. Key members of the IT team should be present when business objectives are being discussed and they can provide input on all aspects that will impact the IT team.

Additionally, the IT team is well aware of the different digital transformations that will be needed as a business scales. The IT team can recommend different technology tools and strategies that will help meet business objectives in the most cost-effective manner. 

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Set the vision for technology: The IT team consists of the most technology adept personnel in a business and this should result in the IT team being involved with setting the vision for technology. By setting the vision for technology, the IT team can be proactive and help the business maneuver through the different technology infrastructures that are needed when a business is scaling.

The IT team should communicate the vision for technology with senior executives in the business and ensure that their vision will be implemented and they’re giving the necessary resources to do so. 

Hire A-players: The IT team is responsible for any new employees that are added to their team. The standard that the IT team sets for hiring on their team will reflect in the technological performance of the business. It’s important the IT team continues to raise the bar with each new hire to ensure that the talent of the business is growing. 

An IT team is only as good as the average employee on their team. By being more involved in the hiring process, the IT team can help recruiters identify talent better and increase the standard of hiring across the business. 

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