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About Us

Skyriver IT was created to help entrepreneurs stay focused on their business without the distraction of IT issues. Siyamak Khorrami, our Founder, and Rudy Michelon, our CEO, began their careers in Finance. After receiving poor services from IT providers, they wanted a better user experience. That's why Skyriver IT leverages technology to provide users with a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure that aligns with business goals.
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Why Skyriver IT

Frustration-Free IT

Frustration-Free IT

Many innovative and expanding organizations have been on the bad end of IT services. We have developed a methodology for identifying and training team members to ensure a frustration-free approach to technology. We strongly believe that how IT solutions are delivered matters.
Business Centric Approach

Business Centric Approach

We have found that approaching IT outsourcing with a business-centric mindset has solved many IT challenges for our clients. You don’t have time to invest in your IT infrastructure; you just want it to work. That is why Skyriver IT provides support structured in a way that allows you to focus on growing your business.
Frustration-Free IT

Clear Communication

Do you ever get bombarded with technical jargon from your IT provider? When providing an explanation, hiding behind technical jargon is a red flag in the IT industry. At Skyriver IT, we take pride in providing our clients with clear communication that they can understand!

Our Services

Skyriver IT offers a full suite of services which save you time, ensure your team’s productivity, and deliver long term value for your organization:
Server configuration by administrator.

Managed IT Services

Skyriver IT provides outsourced IT support structured in a way that allows you to focus on growing your business.
SkyriverIT provides cybersecurity systems.


Skyriver IT delivers a monitoring system and cybersecurity awareness in your organization to protect your IT environment.
IT specialist support.

IT Consulting

Skyriver IT works to deliver a cohesive customer experience that manages critical operations and workflows that drive your business forward.

Certifications & Partnerships

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We are a newer client to Skyriver IT, about 2 months into the relationship. They have met or exceeded every expectation set. Every person that we've worked with has been friendly and professional. The experience has been absolutely wonderful!

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Financial Services

I continue to be impressed with Skyriver IT! They are very responsive to calls and open tickets. We recently had a computer with a backlight issue so we thought it was unsalvageable. Our specialist, Nick was able to identify the issue and looked up our warranty to see that we still had 2 months remaining. They shipped the computer and it was repaired and returned within a week. This saved us so much time and money and we are very grateful for the support.

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Professional Services
Professional Services

Skyriver IT is always punctual and helpful in resolving all IT issues - hardware issues included. Good customer service seems to be a top priority for them. They are always on point with any ticket that I open.

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Wholesale & Manufacturing

Skyriver IT has been a tremendous partner of ours since 2016. As we’ve grown in employee count and in complexity, they have been able to accommodate our technology needs throughout our companies growth and their support has always been stellar.

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Recent Blog Posts

The Importance of having strong passwords for your organization

The Importance of having strong passwords for your organization

May 11, 2022
Password security is often the first line of defense for the majority of businesses today. Virtually anyone can go to the homepage or login page of a business and try to login with employee credentials.
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