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About Us

Skyriver IT was created to help entrepreneurs stay focused on their business without the distraction of IT issues. Get to know us:
SkyriverIT team
SkyriverIT team

Our Story

Siyamak Khorrami, our Founder and Rudy Michelon, our CEO received advice they could not trust and poor service levels as power users of IT services. They wanted a better user experience. SkyriverIT leverages technology to provide you with a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure that aligns with your business goals.

Core Values

Business Centric Approach


We call it like we see it and we communicate in a jargon-free way. We approach things with honesty and integrity. Whether it is setting up business goals, or setting up a server, we are clear on what we are trying to accomplish and what we need to do to accomplish that goal.
Business Centric Approach


We care about our clients, our colleagues and our community. We take ownership for client outcomes, both on the technical side and how clients experience the interaction. Our colleagues feel supported by the team and we strive for a good work-life balance.
Business Centric Approach

Professional Patience

We understand it is stressful to be without your computers working properly. We provide clear and appropriate communication with clients and colleagues. If someone is not an IT expert, we use non-technical terms, analogies, and stories to clarify issues and make IT options accessible.
Business Centric Approach


We work together with clients and colleagues to develop superior outcomes. We recognize we are not always the expert, so we leverage each other’s knowledge to get the best results possible.
Business Centric Approach

Continuous Improvement

IT is ever changing, as is our business. We regularly look for better ways of doing things. We look internally to improve our thoughts, skills and behaviors.

Client Bill of Rights

To explain to existing and potential clients what they should expect from Skyriver IT, we created a Client Bill of Rights:
  • 1.

    You Have the Right to Reach a Live Technician When You Need It.

    Technical problems don’t always happen during normal business hours. So, we provide 24×7 access to a live technician in order to resolve your problem when you need it resolved.
  • 2.

    You Have the Right to Get Your Issue Resolved With Just One Call.

    You have better things to do than remember to follow-up on technical issues you contact us about. And, we care enough about you to not just hope that your problem will go away if we ignore it. So, we track all issues that you submit and make sure they get resolved without any need for you to follow up.
  • 3.

    You Have the Right to Clear, Jargon-Free Communication

    We recognize that most of our clients are not IT experts. So, we communicate with you using non-technical terms and make sure you clearly understand our explanations. Similarly, we do not expect you to know the correct technical terms when you are looking for an IT solution. We take the time to understand your needs and find appropriate solutions.

Our Team

Siyamak Khorrami.

Siyamak Khorrami

Chairman & Founder
Since founding Skyriver IT in 2011, Siyamak has pursued his vision of delivering Frustration-Free IT Services.
Rudy Michelon.

Rudy Michelon

Chief Executive Officer
With three decades of experience in finance, operations and management, Rudy understands the importance of maintaining strong customer relationships.
Brett Cattell.

Brett Cattell

Chief Information Officer
As the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Skyriver IT, Brett Cattell leverages his 20 years of experience in corporate technology and complex networks for Skyriver IT and its clients.

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Company Culture

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