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Why We Got Into the Business of IT Consulting

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

Before we got into the IT Services business, we realized that many companies were not happy with the service they were receiving by their current provider or their internal IT department. We quickly learned that business owners and managers were tired of sending several emails and leaving multiple voicemails before getting support. Companies needed faster response times and consistent follow up.

So, Skyriver IT was started with a mission to bring a new level of professionalism to the IT Services industry. Our focus is on:

  •    Fast response times, including 24/7 live support
  •    A sense of appropriate urgency for resolving issues
  •    Consistent follow up, so that clients do not need to contact us twice about the same issue

While we recognize we are not a good fit for every organization, we want to help every company get better IT Service. So, if you are interviewing a potential IT Services partner, here are 5 important questions to ask them and any references they provide:

1.    What is your response time?

2.    Do you provide live 24/7 support?

3.    How do you track requests to make sure they are resolved?

4.    Will you work with users directly?

5.    Does your organization sell hardware and software?

Why are these questions important?

#1 - When part of your IT infrastructure is down, some or all of your employees are not being productive. The faster things are up and running again, the faster they can get back to work.

#2 - In this day and age you probably want live support 24x7 for you and your employees. The cost of this level of service is typically not much higher than having an individual contractor who responds when he has time.

#3 - Many companies don't have a formal issue tracking system, so they forget some requests before they are resolved. This requires more of your time to resolve the issue, or worse yet, you may just "put up with it" rather than contacting your IT Services provider again.

#4 - Your employees should have direct access to service in order to keep them productive. For example, if someone is working from home and has challenges getting connected to the network, they can contact the provider and get the issues resolved quickly.

#5 - IT Service providers who sell software or hardware sell certain types of hardware and software based on their partnerships with the manufacturers, even if it is not the best solution for your particular situation. Also, they are incented to constantly upgrade hardware or software that might not need immediate upgrades.

I hope that you have found these questions valuable. If you would like to request a consultation to see how Skyriver IT compare against other service providers you currently use or are considering, please feel free to call us at (858) 812-9322 or visit our web site at

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