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Why Use a Professional? Here are 7 Good Reasons...

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Dhoof Mohamed

When you hire a professional, whether it is a Quickbooks expert, an IT professional or a marketing consultant, it means that your team can stay focused on what they do best.

As business managers, it is often tempting to use an internal resource to do any work that is needed. And while that is sometimes necessary because of budget constraints, it is often more effective to hire the right professional for the job. Whether it is a Quickbooks expert, an IT professional or a marketing consultant, here are seven reasons you should consider hiring a professional:

1.    Get the work done in a fraction of the time - Because they have done it so often, professionals can get the work done in much less time. For example, it would take a computer savvy employee 4 days to set up a server while an IT professional can have it up and running in one day.

2.    Do things right the first time - When you have someone trying to “figure it out”, they invariably will get some things wrong the first time. So, they need to go back and fix things even after they think they are done.

3.    Better results over the long run - Professionals frequently make it easier for you over the long run. For example, if you are setting up Quickbooks, a professional can make it easy for you to pull the reports that matter most to you.

4.    Your team stays focused on what they do best - While one of your team members may be capable of taking on a new task, that does not mean it is a good use of their time. You get more efficient use of their time if you keep them focused on their area of expertise.

5.    Increased job satisfaction - Working outside of your area of expertise can be very frustrating. So, your team remains more satisfied with their jobs if they can stay focused on what they know how to do well.

6.    Faster problem solving - If you do run into a problem, a professional knows how to solve it quickly. They do not need to spend long hours googling the problem and testing possible solutions to find something that works.

7.    Know the right problem to solve - While you may think it is clear what you are trying to accomplish, a professional can often ask the right questions to help you accomplish your larger goal with less work and expense. For example, you may want to get more traffic to your website to increase online signups. However a marketing consultant can help you recognize that improving your signup process can generate the additional signups at a much lower cost.

If you want to accomplish something outside of your team’s core competencies, you should consider hiring a professional, whether it is for IT, accounting, marketing or other specialty. It can save you time, money and hassle.

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