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Why Small-Time Cybersecurity Solutions Aren’t Enough

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Dhoof Mohamed

Businesses of all sizes are starting to use small-time cybersecurity solutions to address a particular cybersecurity need in their business. These solutions are often very affordable and provide at least a layer of cybersecurity for most businesses. Although this is a good step in the right direction, these solutions are not sufficient to cover the daily cybersecurity instances that happen to most businesses. 

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What are small-time cybersecurity solutions?

Small-time cybersecurity solutions are solutions that just address one particular cybersecurity issue. Instead of working with a provider to cover all of the cybersecurity for the business, some businesses use a small-time cybersecurity solution to address one particular need. 


For example, a spam filter solution is a small-time cybersecurity solution. It focuses on identifying and reducing spam that is sent to your business’ email. Although this solution is affordable, it only covers one aspect of your business’ security. It doesn’t even cover other cybersecurity issues related to email like phishing, malware and ransomware. 

What is the alternative to small-time cybersecurity solutions?

The main alternative that businesses have to small-time cybersecurity solutions is to work with a fully managed IT service provider. A fully managed IT service provider does everything a small-time cybersecurity solution provider does, but for the entire business. Instead of focusing on just one cybersecurity issue for your business, a fully managed IT provider gives comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to protect your business 24/7.

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Benefits of using fully managed cybersecurity solutions

24/7 expert support: One of the major benefits of having fully managed cybersecurity for your business is getting 24/7 support for all of your IT needs. The vast majority of providers have remote and onsite support and are well equipped to deal with any security or technology issues that may arise in your business. This prevents your business from losing money by experiencing downtime or a slow down in operations.


Full cybersecurity coverage: Small-time cybersecurity solutions only cover one aspect of your business’ cybersecurity. A fully managed service will give your business complete cybersecurity coverage that addresses all of your needs. This can include anti-spam services, cybersecurity assessments, encryption, content filtering and more.


Compliance: Compliance is a key portion of having complete cybersecurity for your business. Depending on the industries that your business operates in, you may be juggling a variety of compliance programs just to keep your business open. Fully managed IT providers work actively with your business to help meet your compliance requirements in addition to your technology needs.

To learn more about how you can start using fully managed cybersecurity solutions, take a free assessment here.

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