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Why Implementations of New Systems Frequently Fail

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Dhoof Mohamed

At Skyriver IT, we ensure our engineers understand the business side of implementations.

Far too often, companies buy new systems or software packages and they do not get much value out of it. I have seen it in my operations role in the past, as well as with a number of clients.

The primary reason is that the IT person tasked with implementing it does not understand the business needs. While they may have a thorough training in IT, they have not been trained in business. So, they set it up in a technically correct manner, but do not consider how end users will interact with it. Therefore, it does not get used to it full capacity, if at all.

The problem is a systemic one that feeds on itself.  The IT team is not at the table when a system is being purchased, because they don’t know what the rest of the organization does. They often get caught up in the technical details of a system and sidetrack the discussion before you have even determined if the system meets your business needs.

So, if IT people do not get it, why would you include them in the conversation? However, when it comes to implementing the new system, the IT team does not understand the business goals for the new system and subsequently, it  does not deliver on those goals. What you really need is an IT person who understands your business needs.

So, if the CFO buys an ERP system or the CMO purchases a CRM system, they need to ensure that the IT team understands how end users are expected to use the system and implement it in a way that works for users. Unfortunately, this can take a lot of time and effort, and some IT people are just not capable of understanding business goals.

At Skyriver IT, we ensure our engineers understand the business side of implementations. First, we have a rigorous hiring process to establish that our engineers have the capacity to understand the business side of IT implementations. Then, we spend the time to train our engineers, so they can think like a business manager and know the right questions to ask to ensure that system implementations meet business goals. So even if you have an internal IT team, you may want to contact us before you implement a new system, so we can ensure that the implementation is successful.

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