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Who Owns the Management of Your IT Infrastructure?

10 mins read
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Dhoof Mohamed

Responsibility for IT Infrastructure Management can be a tricky thing for small and mid-size businesses. You can hire someone (whether internally or externally) to keep the basics running – desktops, laptops, servers, routers, etc. Hiring a senior level IT person is typically too expensive. So, big IT decisions typically remain with business managers, even though business managers often feel ill-equipped to make these types of technology decisions.

Working with an IT infrastructure outsourcing company that takes ownership for managing your IT infrastructure allows you to focus on what you do best. Rather than being reactionary, your IT service provider should be proactive and help you plan for the future.

Here is what one of our clients said about using Skyriver IT:

“It is rare to have a partner that can not only address your needs today but clearly articulate a vision that maps to the future growth of your operations. As a small business, this kind of attention to detail is a difference maker in today’s marketplace.”
-- Matt Costanzo, COO, Costanzo Financial Group

As you consider your organization’s IT needs for the rest of 2012, be cognizant of who owns the management of your IT infrastructure. You want to focus on what you do best and not get caught up in trying to make decisions that are outside your area of expertise.

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