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What Is the Value of SAAS Protection for Businesses?

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

Over the past few weeks, Microsoft has experienced several outages. Since many businesses rely on a variety of Microsoft services, this has led to many difficulties. Although aftermaths of these outages like increased risk of data loss, downtime, etc. are painful, it exposes businesses to the importance of having SaaS protection.

What is SaaS protection?

SaaS protection is the first line of defense for businesses when a provider like Microsoft experiences failures like outages. With SaaS protection, the data of your business is secured and you will be able to operate normally in the event of an outage. When you choose a SaaS protection provider like Skyriver IT, your data is continuously backed up offline and it can be retrieved at any time. This allows your business to operate seamlessly in any disaster scenario. Any tool of Microsoft that your business may utilize like Outlook, Teams, etc. can have its data saved and ready to go if an outage occurs.

What can occur if your business does not have SaaS protection?

Data loss: When an outage like the recent one that Microsoft had occurs, your business can lose all unsaved business and client data. Depending on the type of operations your business engages in, data loss can be unacceptable and can lead to a variety of consequences. Microsoft and other providers have a basic thin layer of protection for your data and are not liable for data loss in unforeseen circumstances like outages.

Downtime: Downtime can be one of the most tangible and raw side effects that come from lack of SaaS protection. The financial cost of downtime can be tremendous depending on the size of your business. The average cost of IT downtime is roughly $5,600 per hour. The costs can quickly add up and can be devastating to most small and medium sized businesses. Factors like employee wages, loss of customers and damage to brand reputation can be very damaging financially.

Expensive recovery: One of the most overlooked aspects of not having the SaaS protection for your business is the cost of returning to work once a disaster occurs. If your data is not backed up on the cloud, you will be personally responsible for getting your business back to normal operations and that can be very costly. The costs associated with recovering your business include:

  • Cost of replace hardware
  • Cost to recover data
  • Loss of employee productivity
  • Cost of getting new clients/salvaging previous client relationships

These are just some of the few ways that highlight the importance of having SaaS protection for your business. To learn more about how SaaS protection can help your business, learn more here.

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