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What is SaaS and How Has It Risen Online?

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Dhoof Mohamed

You'll hear the term SaaS thrown around often when working with programs through the Internet or on your browser. Yet what exactly is SaaS? You'll be surprised to know that you've probably worked with a SaaS program sometime, either at work or at home, without even realizing it.

What is SaaS?

SaaS means "software as a service." Instead of going out and buying software directly from the vendor to install and use on your computer, the vendor places the software on a server that is accessed by authorized users. The applications are hosted by third-party providers on their systems instead of on the user's computer, and an internet connection is used to access the program.

Some SaaS require that a few components be downloaded onto the user's computers. In these instances, the user may be able to access certain aspects of the program while offline. Typically, for full functionality, an internet connection needs to be available.

How SaaS Rose Online

As cloud computing has become commonplace globally, SaaS has benefited by providing different levels of programming services. In the past, a company would have to purchase the software that fits its operations. As the software was updated with newer offerings, the company would have to purchase it again just to obtain those specific features. This raised the company's costs and made software offerings a budgetary hassle for smaller businesses.

With SaaS accessible online, a company can perform comparisons of features needed for its employees and then obtain a license or subscription from a list of menu options. The application can be used immediately, and updates are simple to deploy as the vendor performs them centrally. These aspects help to lower costs for companies since they don't have to purchase equipment or hire someone to manually perform updates to each computer for in-house software. 

In addition, SaaS licenses may involve tiers based on the number of users who will access the program. Small companies can purchase the smaller application packages, saving them more money. When their business grows as they take on more employees, they can purchase larger licenses at their convenience.

Popular SaaS Programs

There are many SaaS applications out on the market today for individuals and companies. These programs may help with email, employee collaboration, document management, content management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial management, and customer relationship management (CRM).  Some popular programs out today include.

Microsoft Office 365 Suite: Although Office programs such as Word can be accessed offline, the Microsoft Office 365 products are considered SaaS solutions. They offer a range of different bundled components that include OneDrive and Outlook, for monthly and yearly subscriptions.

Inuit QuickBooks: QuickBooks is an accounting-based application offering both on-premise and cloud-based versions for business use. Businesses can use it to make payments, track accounts receivable/payable, and perform payroll work.

Salesforce CRM: Salesforce offers customer relationship management SaaS so businesses can develop strong connections with their clients and partners. The software application offers features such as sales, analytics, customer service, marketing, apps and other functions.

Oracle: Oracle is a relational database management SaaS that offers cloud infrastructures and integrated applications. These business-management applications offer functions such as accounting, marketing, sales and a range of other features.

Properly Manage Your IT Infrastructure

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