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Upgrading Hardware and ERP Systems Before Normal Business Returns

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

The curve for COVID-19 has begun to flatline and federal and local governments are giving guidelines for businesses to open. As businesses are starting to reopen, it’s a perfect time to upgrade your hardware, ERP systems and tackle any projects that have been deferred. This time is crucial because the demand and businesses from customers will start to resume over the next few weeks and months and your business systems must be prepared to handle your core operations. Once your normal business routine restarts, upgrading your systems and working on deferred projects will get pushed back and likely never accomplished.

Upgrading current systems and working on projects have probably been overlooked within your business for many reasons. Unless you have in-house IT experts, you will likely have to ask an IT provider to do these services. Skyriver IT can help discuss the possible methods your business can use to go about completing projects and upgrading your systems. After consultation, you can make an educated decision on what are the most cost-effective solutions.

First, you can discuss with the Skyriver IT team about completing any deferred projects. These projects can be completed while accommodating for any COVID-19 restrictions. In addition to completing the projects, the Skyriver IT team can also help you upgrade your ERP systems. Skyriver IT will give you the best possible ERP solutions for your business and ensure your ERP systems are up to date. Lastly, Skyriver IT can also help upgrade your hardware systems by substituting your previous systems with newer cost-effective ones.

Some of the important reasons you should upgrade your ERP and hardware systems include:

Compliance: Depending on the state your business operates in and what industries you work in, there are several compliance guidelines your business needs to follow. For example, certain regulations like SOX, HIPAA and the Affordable Care Act require your business to have the most up to date software and data on your operations.

Performance/Efficiency: Upgrading your ERP and hardware systems will drive performance and efficiency in your business. For ERP systems, upgrades will ensure your product is running at peak performance. This performance will reduce employee downtime and make sure productivity remains consistent. Upgrading ERP systems will also enable you to implement different workflows and business processes. Upgrading hardware will also reap similar benefits. In addition to performance, improving hardware allows your business to have more bandwidth and capacity for your operations. This added bandwidth and memory enables programs to run smoothly.

Cost reduction: Upgrading your ERP and hardware systems will prevent your business from spending significant capital on new ERP and hardware systems. The upfront costs of upgrading your business’ systems are a fraction of what it would cost to replace and integrate these systems back into your business. By continuously upgrading your systems, you ensure performance while preventing future overhead.

To learn more about how to improve your hardware and ERP systems, click here.

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