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Top Five Reasons to Outsource Your IT

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

Savvy business owners have made the switch to outsourcing IT. In the past, in-house IT support was the only available option, no matter how small or large the business. Now that we have the cloud, it’s possible for any business to outsource IT, whether you’re operating a sole proprietorship or a global enterprise. Have you transitioned to outsourcing IT yet? Here are the top five reasons to outsource your IT, starting today.

1. Relief For Your Payroll

The number one reason to outsource your IT is to get relief for your payroll. Payroll is one for the biggest expenses that companies carry, and when you outsource your IT support, you don’t have to pay an entire IT department. When you factor in the cost of recruitment and benefits, you can see how this is a major benefit to outsourcing IT. 

2. No Need to Update Technology

Another reason to outsource IT is that your company won’t need to invest in updated technology. Between software and hardware updates, it’s costly to maintain state-of-the-art technology. Yet, this is necessary in order to ensure secure data encryption and storage. Outsourced IT solutions automatically keep systems updated so you don’t have to.

3. Easy Scalability

When your business is ready to grow, you don’t want to be encumbered by old IT that can’t handle your increased needs. When you outsource your IT, you never have to worry that your IT department won’t be up to the challenge of growth. You can quickly and easily scale with a simple phone call or switch to a more robust outsourced IT plan.

4. Access to Value-Added Services

IT outsourcing companies offer value-added services that you wouldn't have access to unless you outsource your IT. These value-added services may not have even been on your radar, but once you discover them, you won’t want to do business without them. Value-added services include things like enhanced cyber security, relocation connectivity assistance, networking support for field agents, disaster recovery protocols and much more. 

5. More Time and Focus

When you know that your IT needs are being taken care of 24/7, you and the rest of your staff have more time to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business and the ability to focus on bringing in more clients to help your business grow. As a business owner, you know that time is money. There is no greater need in any organization than to streamline operations so time is more available. When you outsource your IT, you gain valuable time and focus to apply to other areas of your business.

Outsourcing your IT is much easier to do than you might think. If you’ve been thinking of outsourcing your IT, but have been putting it off because you think it will be too time-consuming, please contact us. We can implement the process in a seamless way that won’t cause your business to experience excess downtime. Contact us today to learn more. 

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