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The True Cost of Technology for Organizations

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

Have you ever installed a new CRM or ERP system that ended up not being used or only minimally used? This is a common problem. When most companies look at investing in technology, they focus on the cost of purchasing and installing it. And while those costs are important, they are only a small portion of the overall costs to an organization.

In addition to the initial costs of new technology, there are two big areas of cost that companies often ignore, but are very important to the overall costs:

Implementation - This can be a huge challenge if you do not consider how it will be implemented within your organization. If you simply replace a system that works the same way as the old system, but is faster or more efficient, that is easy. However, that is not the way it typically works out. Employees have to change their routines, processes and habits to make the new system work.

Productivity - The productivity gains or losses from implementing new technology can dwarf the initial cost of that technology. For example, automating manual processes can make your employees more productive if implemented correctly. And this allows your team to get more work done with less people.

However, the opposite can also happen if productivity is not considered with implementing the new technology. If it hurts productivity, it can cost the organization much more than the initial cost of installation.

So as you are looking at new technology for your organization, be sure to consider how it will be implemented and how it will impact productivity. And it if it is a big technology investment, it can be helpful to get outside help from someone who specializes in mapping out new technology investments and how to best implement them.

Making Better Investments in Technology

Most businesses can benefit from having someone assesses how they can use technology to improve business results. Skyriver IT helps businesses leverage technology to improve existing processes and accelerate business growth. We help you collect the right data, leverage the right applications, and put the right technology in place to move your business forward.

If this would be of interest to you, then contact us to schedule a time to talk. We look forward to helping you improve your business results with technology.

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