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The Rise of the BitRAT Malware

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The Rise of the BitRAT malware

When businesses think of malware, they think of sketchy emails or malicious downloads. One of the most debilitating malware called BitRAT is spreading through counterfeit Microsoft Windows products. Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular operating systems in the world and it is standard for many businesses. Businesses must be aware of BitRAT and take the necessary precautions needed to avoid getting their data leaked or stolen.

What is the BitRAT malware?

BitRAT is a malware distribution campaign that is being spread on pirated Microsoft Windows licenses. Users download these pirated versions of Microsoft products and simultaneously get BitRAT on their devices. BitRAT is a remote access trojan and it can give hackers access to your data once it gets in your network.

The vast majority of pirated Windows licenses are for Microsoft Windows 10. With these pirated versions, hackers based in Korea and other countries install the malware in the computer and delete the pirated licenses. When hackers gain users' data, they sell it on the dark web for any cybercriminals to use.

This is extremely dangerous for businesses because if their devices get infected with BitRAT, their confidential data is at risk of being leaked. The malware can exfiltrate data, take screenshots, and even record audio and video. Hackers can then use this data to blackmail businesses or sell it on the dark web.

How can businesses protectthemselves from the BitRAT malware?

The best way for businesses to protect themselves is to only use licensed Microsoft products. It is also important for businesses to have a good malware protection system in place and to educate their employees about the dangers of downloading pirated software.

If you think your business has been infected with BitRAT, it is important to contact a professional malware removal service immediately. malware can have a devastating effect on your business, so it is important to take the necessary precautions to avoid getting infected.

A few other tips you can follow to avoid malware include:

●    Don't click on unknown links or attachments: Never click on links or attachments in emails unless you are absolutely sure they are safe. Attachments are one of the prime ways that malware is spread. Using a firewall or antivirus is a great way to protect your business.

●    Avoid downloading software from unofficial sources: This doesn't mean just avoid sites with millions of ads and links, it means avoiding downloading software from all non-work-related sites. Whether it's a forum, personal blog or another medium, do not download software from unofficial sources.

●    Keep your operating system and software up to date: One of the main reasons malware is so successful is that many people are running old versions of software with known vulnerabilities. While it may be annoying to always update your software, it's important to do so in order to patch any holes that malware can exploit.

Following these tips can help protect your business from the BitRAT malware and other malware threats. Malware is a serious threat to businesses and it is important to be aware of the dangers it poses. Taking the necessary precautions can help keep your business safe. To learn more on how to protect your business, explore our cybersecurity offerings here.

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