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The Importance of SaaS Protection and Data Backup

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

The past year has seen some of the biggest shifts in cybersecurity and remote work. These shifts have placed heightened cybersecurity responsibilities on both individuals and organizations. IBM reported that there was a 6,000% increase in coronavirus-themed spam after the pandemic started in 2020. With a great percentage of the workforce working from home, hackers targeted businesses and individuals to gain access to their data. Victims who didn’t have their data protected or backed up ended up losing a portion if not all of their data. Cybersecurity incidents that occured highlight the importance of having SaaS protection and data backups for all work-related events.

What is SaaS protection?

Nearly 1 in 3 users experience data loss when using cloud products. Virtually all businesses use a variety of SaaS products like Microsoft Office 365 for many of their business needs. Although Microsoft covers some basic cybersecurity for most users, it is not liable for any data lost in the case of a cybersecurity incident. At their scale, they have hundreds of millions of users and they simply can’t protect everyone’s data. Businesses and individuals need to take responsibility for their data assets and have a plan in case something occurs. This is where SaaS protection comes into play.

SaaS protection services act as the first line of defense for businesses in the case of a breach. These services offer comprehensive cybersecurity services for businesses at a monthly fee. Businesses can use SaaS protection as long as they see fit because there are no contracts. Some of the main services SaaS protection services provide include continuous backups, email backups, quick data recovery and more. 


There are many SaaS protection vendors for businesses. One of the best options is Datto. Datto has one of the most comprehensive SaaS protection plans for businesses. 

Some of the main services included in Datto’s SaaS protection include:

  • Easy data restoration: Breaches are not the only instances where businesses lose data. When an employee accidentally or intentionally deletes an important work document, email, etc., it’s generally lost forever. Datto allows managers of businesses to easily restore any piece of data, even if it’s manually and permanently deleted by one of the users. Datto enables businesses to restore the last upload easily and gain access to any lost data. This can also be used in the case of a breach to bring back data.
  • Breach-specific restoration: When malware or ransomware affects a business, the data is generally corrupted or lost forever. Datto has the capability to restore files, websites, emails, etc, in the exact format they were in prior to a successful breach. If that occurs or an employee leaves the company, a business only needs to pay for the data not the entire licensing fee.
  • Files and other data restoration: Most businesses will be happy with just getting their main files back in the event of a breach or losing data. Datto saves all data that includes conversations, calendars, groups and more. This allows all employees to get their data back and resume operations as quickly as possible.

To learn more about how SaaS protection can help your business, take a free assessment here

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