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The Growing Use of Cloud Technology in Corporate America

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Cloud computing has been around for nearly two decades, but in the last few years its adoption has skyrocketed among corporations. As large industry players like Amazon and Microsoft continue to innovate cloud technology, the barrier to entry for cloud computing is at an all time low. In addition to the affordable cost of using the cloud, the cloud provides the best security and scalability for businesses of all sizes. In fact, Salesforce found that 69% of all businesses are using cloud computing to some extent and 18% more are planning to adopt cloud technology into their operations. 

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Why are corporations using cloud technology?

Scalability: A significant advantage of using cloud technology is the ability for companies to scale up and down based on their needs. When a company is using on-premise servers and grows, it’s required to continue to purchase expensive servers to meet their customers’ needs. With cloud computing, a small business or startup can have the same scalability as large multi billion dollar corporations. You can quickly scale and there’s virtually limitless computing power when you use cloud technology. 


Cost savings: Cloud technology allows businesses to pay based on their usage. There are no large contracts or other stringent financial guidelines. Corporations can use as much or as little of the cloud and pay based on what they use. This makes it extremely easy to try cloud computing and use it as long as it benefits your business. On average, cloud computing is much more affordable than using on-premise servers and there are virtually no maintenance costs associated with using cloud computing. 


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Security: Leveraging the cloud also means that corporations will have the most advanced security. When companies use cloud computing, they outsource all of the security to a cloud provider like AWS or Microsoft. These providers monitor security 24/7 and have the best security in the world. Large corporations and government agencies use these cloud providers to store their data. This is a much better alternative to using on-premise servers that have a variety of security risks. 

Accessibility: One of the best advantages of cloud technology is that it allows employees to access corporate data on any device anywhere in the world. With many executives traveling to meet clients, cloud technology makes it extremely easy to access any data and keep up with clients. This also makes collaborations and remote work much easier and corporations can work with contractors, remote employees and any other partners located globally. 

Innovation: Cloud computing is one of the most advanced technologies in the world and cloud providers are continuing to innovate on behalf of customers. This means that businesses who use the cloud will continue to have more security features, prebuilt tools, storage options, control choices and scalability functions for their business. The value for businesses continues to increase as cloud providers continue to innovate and update their platforms.

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