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The Cost of Quality IT Services: A look at 2012 IT Salaries and the Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services

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Dhoof Mohamed

While hiring a full-time IT Department is a popular choice for larger businesses, San Diego’s small to medium business owners are trending towards the cost-saving benefits of outsourcing IT services.

According to a Technology 2012 Salary Guide by Robert Half®, the average starting yearly salary of an in-house CIO is $139,000– $225,000 while an IT Manager earns $97,000 – $130,000 per year.

But beyond the high costs of hiring IT employees, there is also the time it takes to find, hire and train internal staff. According to the same report, 59% of CIOs surveyed said it was “challenging” to find skilled IT professionals today. They also said it takes on average 5-7 weeks to hire an IT professional.
“A typical in-house IT department for small to midsize businesses consists of an IT Director or manager, and two assistants,” explains Siyamak Khorrami of Skyriver IT, a San Diego IT Consulting Company. “The average cost per year of having an internal IT team ends up costing upwards of $200, 000. As a result, more San Diego companies are realizing that they can get round the clock IT services for 30-40% less when they outsource their IT needs.”

Outsourcing IT services not only saves on additional payroll, taxes and healthcare expenses, it also affords small to medium businesses to gain expertize from a larger pool of IT  professionals, who are available 24/7 to solve problems strategically, pro-actively and quickly.

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