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The Benefits of Certifications and Partnerships

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Dhoof Mohamed

For businesses today, certifications and partnerships are becoming a necessity to exhibit competency in their respective fields. When businesses are deciding to select an IT partner specifically, there are several ways they can screen IT companies to ensure legitimacy. Some of the popular ways include reviews, referrals or using directories. It’s important for companies to screen IT providers to ensure they don’t work with an incompetent or fraudulent company that can result in loss of time and money. One of the best ways to screen an IT provider is to look for their current certifications and partnerships. This will allow you to see if they are a domain expert in the services your business is looking for.

What are certifications and partnerships?

An IT certification demonstrates that a provider has professional competency in a certain skill or area. Certifications are generally earned through major companies or institutions like Microsoft or Amazon that are industry leaders in a given domain. For example, an IT company can have a certification through Cisco in solution architecture. In contrast, a partnership demonstrates that IT company is a certified partner with a major company and they are licensed to provide a service. For example, an IT company can be a Microsoft partner in providing cloud solutions for small businesses. This positions the IT provider as a great resource for any cloud related issues regarding Microsoft’s programs.

Why are certifications and partnerships important when choosing an IT partner?

Certifications and partnerships are vital when choosing IT providers because it ensures:

  • Credibility: Certifications and partnerships screen your business from potential scammers and bad IT providers. When an IT provider is certified, there’s a minimum standard of competence they must pass. This prevents your business from working with bad IT providers.
  • Expertise: Certifications and partnerships guarantee expertise from your IT providers. Many certifications and partnerships require the staff of an IT provider to be competent in their services. Working with certified providers makes sure your business only works with experts in their field.
  • Competitiveness: Certifications and partnerships that are provided to IT providers are finite. IT companies have to renew their certifications and partnerships periodically, so when you see an IT provider with certifications, it means they’re up to date with the latest technologies. By choosing only certified providers for your business, you ensure you’re working with the most competitive companies in a niche.

What are some of the certifications and partnerships Skyriver IT has?

Some of the certifications and partnerships that Skyriver IT currently holds include:

  • Quickbooks Certified ProAdviser
  • Microsoft Partner for small and midmarket cloud solutions
  • Cisco Certified Partner
  • Comptia Certified Partner
  • Nextiva Certified Partner 

If you’d like to learn more about certifications and partnerships and how your business can utilize them, talk to an expert here for a free assessment.

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