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The Automotive Training Group, Inc. Testimonial

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

The Automotive Training Group, Inc.

We've NEVER had good backups, and have never been given anything but really expensive options that I had no confidence in because the previous expensive options never worked. Brett came up with a stopgap plan that would get us at least stable, AND minimize the wasted effort by making the temporary plan such that we can grow into the eventual plan. Exactly what I wanted.
So we scheduled Weili for 4-6 hours yesterday, and of course nothing went as planned. Veeam only runs on Windows 7 or 8, and only on 64 bit, so nothing here would work as Brett and I had planned. But Weili and I listed all options and knocked them down 1 at a time until only 1 efficient option was left. I ran out and grabbed a $450 PC from Office Depot, and he got it all done within our estimated window. So even with the hiccups, I felt empowered to make great decisions, which is what I've always wanted. I wasted $450 on a PC when I'm buying 13 others this week anyway, but I know for sure I made the best decision because we had a solid concept via Brett and information I could actually use from Weili. We got a good backup last night. I'm almost in tears.
I think I have finally found that elusive 'managed' IT.

-Tim Flannery

President & CEO

The Automotive Training Group, Inc

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