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Should you upgrade to Windows 8?

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

New operating systems can be great. Just make sure that transitioning to it goes smoothly. Skyriver IT consultants help make the transition frustration-free.

With all the buzz around the release of Windows 8, some companies are wondering whether they should consider upgrading. While some IT services companies may recommend an upgrade, it is typically because they like to offer the latest and greatest NOT because it makes good business sense.

At Skyriver IT, we believe that you should not move to the latest operating system unless there is a big financial or competitive advantage. You want to wait until the bugs are out of the software and compatibility issues are resolved before you invest your time and effort to upgrade. We recommend waiting at least a year after the initial release.

Once you are ready to upgrade, it is important to pilot the operating system within your organization. You need to test whether it works with all of your applications and your workflow. Some incompatibilities are likely to surprise you and may take time to work out. After testing it with a few computers within your organization, you can then roll it out to the whole organization.

New operating systems can be great. You just want to make sure that transitioning to it goes smoothly. It can be painful to be ahead of the curve in IT.

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