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Redefining the IT Stereotype

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

Is your IT consultant more comfortable talking with a computer than a person? At Skyriver IT, our consultants are trained and measured on customer service.

When you think of a typical IT professional, do you think of a friendly, helpful, people person? Most of us do not. So why are IT professionals perceived as having poor customer service skills?

The simple fact is that when you take smart people who are more enamored with computers than people, and focus on developing their technical skills, you get professionals who are more comfortable with a computer than a person. Most IT professionals have never been trained to really care about customer service. So, they frequently sound condescending and use technical jargon more than “regular English”.

What can be done about it? IT professionals can be trained and measured on customer service. That is what we are doing at Skyriver IT. We have ongoing customer service training for our IT professionals and they are measured each quarter on the satisfaction of their clients. Other businesses should be doing the same to measure in-house or outsourced IT services.

With a concerted effort, we can re-define the IT stereotype away from computer-focused to one that is customer-focused.

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