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Navigating the COVID-19 Lockdown Resurgence

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

The state of California has begun enforcing a second round of lockdowns on July 14 after the state saw over 16,000 new cases in a single weekend. California Governor Newsom announced that the new lockdown would take place immediately and places like hair salons, gyms, churches, dining areas, etc. would have to close. The reasoning behind the second lockdown is due to the sharp resurgence of COVID-19 and taking precautionary measures to avoid situations similar to the spread of COVID-19 in Texas and Florida. Earlier in the year, the state of California was hailed for its lockdown efforts because it reduced the spread of the coronavirus exponentially in comparison to other large states. Governor Newsom is looking to duplicate that earlier success by taking caution before COVID-19 spreads like wildfire in his state. Although the early measures taken by Governor Newsom were successful, premature reopening of society has led to this second resurgence of COVID-19.

Skyriver IT is located in San Diego and is subject to the same restrictions imposed on other businesses by the state of California. Operations will continue as normal since Skyriver IT is an essential business and will continue to service clients. During this lockdown, Skyriver IT will focus on helping clients navigate the lockdown while ensuring their IT operations are running smoothly. For businesses looking for a strategic IT partner, Skyriver IT provides:

Jargon-free service: many IT companies like to bombard clients with keywords and jargons to make it look like they are providing a bunch of services. With Skyriver IT, all customers know exactly what service they are provided with and how that will directly impact their business.

  • Business focus instead of technology focus: Although Skyriver IT is competent in many technologies, business focus always comes before technology focus. Many IT providers show clients flashy and ineffective technologies that bring no tangible benefits to their business. Skyriver IT takes an opposite approach in which the technology efforts are tailored around the business objectives of a client
  • Flexibility: Skyriver IT also provides clients with flexibility in regards to meeting their needs. With the new imposed lockdowns, Skyriver IT can help clients maneuver through restrictions by providing onsite engineers and remote engineers to meet any immediate or future needs. This ensures that clients receive service 24/7 and their operations run smoothly.

Skyriver IT also has a referral plan for clients looking to save money on services. Customers that refer clients to Skyriver IT can be eligible for significant savings on their fees. In addition, Skyriver IT is also providing a COVID-19 assistance program. This program helps clients affected by COVID-19 to adjust to the new climate of social distancing and lockdown while continuing to perform normal operations. To learn more about the referral plan and the Skyriver IT COVID-19 assistance program. CLAIM YOUR COVID-19 ASSISTANCE NOW!!!

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