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Managed Services: Using The Right IT Person for the Job

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

As we talk with San Diego business owners and managers, we often get questions related to the value of Managed Services over an in-house IT person. While Managed Services can be used in place of an in-house IT person, it can also be a complement to that individual. The reason is that there are a lot of skills required to do IT well.

Common IT needs include help desk, server management and maintenance, network setup and management, computer and server backup, wireless setup, mobile connectivity and much more. Rarely is a single individual good at all of these things. So, how would you expect a single IT person to be able to meet all of your organization’s IT needs?

A Managed Services provider can assign the right IT specialist for each of your needs. For example, a network engineer can identify network routing problems and implement a solution in half an hour that could take a non-specialist several days of testing and measuring to achieve. This is not a skill set you need regularly, but it is very valuable when it is needed. The same is true of a wireless network or mobile applications.

So, be sure you are getting the right IT skill set for your IT projects. Often, a combination of in-house expertise and a Managed Services provider will give you the best results.

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