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Make Smarter Technology Purchases with a Managed Services Provider

10 mins read
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Dhoof Mohamed

Have you ever made a technology purchase that did not go as planned? Many companies have. Far too often, small and medium-size businesses are sold on an interesting feature set, but they end up with a solution that does not work for them. That is why it is valuable to get the perspective of a knowledgeable third party, such as a Managed Services Provider.

For example, a new client recently came to Skyriver IT with a phone system problem. After just two weeks of using a VOIP phone system (voice over internet), they realized they had made a mistake. While they had been seduced by the cool feature set -- voicemail access from multiple devices, SalesForce integration, etc. --  and low upfront costs, they had not considered the impact of low call quality.

For a company that makes hundreds of calls per day, call quality is critical to business success. Even if just 5% of calls had low quality, such as echoes or static, that amounted to 15-20 calls per day. After 2 weeks of suffering from low call quality, this company engaged Skyriver IT, a managed services provider, to help them find a solution that met their needs. While it lacked some of the cool features of VOIP, Skyriver IT recommended a phone system that would ensure consistent call quality and help them communicate clearly with customers.

Whether it’s a phone system, CRM, ERP or any other technology solution, it can be difficult to understand the critical factors for choosing a solution. And, since many of these solutions are one time sales, the salespeople selling them focus on closing the sale, and not the after sale experience. So, it often makes sense to work with an independent third party, such as a Managed Services Provider, to help you choose a robust technology solution that meets your needs.

At Skyriver IT, we offer unlimited free technology advice as a part of our monthly Managed Services offering.  Our goal is to proactively address your technology issues and decisions, so you don’t have to worry about them.  Learn more at

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