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Lockdown: Guidelines, Timelines and Thanksgiving

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written by
Dhoof Mohamed

With lockdown procedures beginning across the United States, travel amongst Americans has taken a sharp decrease. The resurgence of COVID-19 has sent local and state governments into a frenzy in order to mitigate the spread of the virus. On Monday, November 23rd alone, the state of California has seen nearly 18,000 new cases reported for that day. This is the most number of cases that any state has reported since the beginning of the pandemic. This rapid rise of new COVID-19 cases has hospitals operating well over their capacities and officials have started to impose curfews in addition to lockdown guidelines.

Several states have already begun issuing curfews for all non-essential activities in the evening. Some of the curfews that are starting to be imposed included banning alcohol sales after 5 pm, limiting outdoor dining options and more. The rationale behind these guidelines is that most of the lockdown violations like not wearing masks and no social distancing occur during the night. These counterproductive actions will cause the lockdowns to further continue and continue the spread of the virus.

What should you avoid during Thanksgiving?

Both businesses and individuals should celebrate Thanksgiving in a safe manner by taking into account the recommended safety guidelines. Some of the recommended methods include:

No groups over 10 people: The gathering of numerous family members for Thanksgiving is one of the most lethal ways to spread COVID-19. Elder and sick family members are at a much higher risk of contracting and being compromised by COVID-19. Limiting the gathering of your Thanksgiving to 10 or less people reduces the risk and spread of the virus significantly. There are many other alternatives to gathering like virtual calls and more.

No mixing of households: Even if your gathering is limited to 10 people, there should be no mixing of households for Thanksgiving. When the mixing of households occurs, the risk of spread will increase dramatically. If a gathering of 10 people has multiple households involved and one of the people has COVID-19, the spread can potentially reach tens and maybe hundreds of people.

Gather outdoors: Although this may not be feasible for Americans living in colder climates, many Americans are able to gather outdoors for Thanksgiving. Gathering outdoors is a much safer alternative to gathering in close proximity. An outdoor space makes it less likely that the spread of the virus will be contained to one area that everyone occupies. It’s much easier to socially distance yourself when gathering outdoors as well.

Skyriver IT is committed to helping clients as businesses continue to work remotely due to COVID-19. From running daily operations to ensuring the full security of your business, Skyriver IT will ensure all the needs of clients are met until the lockdown is over. All of the current services that Skyriver IT provides will continue along with added support due to the lockdown. To learn if your business is ready to operate remotely during the lockdown, take a free assessment here.

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