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Learn from my mistake...

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

In my previous role as a CFO, I had the IT team reporting to me. And when they were working on any big projects, I let them manage the projects on their own. That typically turned out to be a mistake: projects ran behind schedule and over budget.

What I learned is that most IT people are task oriented. They have never been trained in good project management. For example, if you ask most technicians how long it takes to set up a new server, they will tell you about 4 hours. And that is the time it takes to do the actual setup once everything is ready. When you add on the time required for possible problems with equipment (which commonly happens) and dealing with 3rd parties, it is more likely a whole day to get the server up and running.

Good project management adds a lot of value. When someone takes the time to think about what resources are needed when and allows time for vendor management, projects get done on time and within budget.

So, unless your IT team (whether internal or outsourced) has demonstrated strong project management skills, it would benefit you to take an active role in helping them manage any projects outside of their typical day-to-day tasks. A little of your time invested upfront will allow your team to stay on time and on budget.

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