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Keeping Your Data Safe

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

Have you ever walked out into a parking lot and not been able to find your car? Your heart sinks, your stomach churns, your mind keeps repeating: “it’s got to be here somewhere, it’s got to be here somewhere…”

That is the same feeling you get when you find that data that you are “sure is there” goes missing. And assuming your car was not stolen, you will eventually find your car. However, there is a much greater chance you will not be able to find your data… unless you have a good backup and data recovery plan.

Why do IT people harp on backing up and data recovery plans so much? We see the problems (big & small) that not having one can create. Recently, one of our largest clients was trying to recover data from two years ago that was needed as part of a lawsuit.  While they thought they were regularly backing up their data, they were using an antiquated system that we had suggested on multiple occasions that they update.

Unfortunately, when they tried to recover the data for their lawsuit, they found that it was no longer there. They spent a significant amount of time and money trying to recover their data when it would have been much better spent proactively upgrading their backup system. In addition, they had to spend countless man-hours recreating the data that should have only taken a few minutes to find.

Please don’t put off creating your backup and data recovery system until someday. The consequences could be a major hassle (or worse) for your business. Get a plan in place to make sure your data is there when you need it.

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