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Is Your IT Technician a Salesperson in Disguise?

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

Skyriver IT consultants are on YOUR side. We don't take commissions for reselling products or services, like other IT consulting companies do.

Is your IT technician really a salesperson in disguise? While you may expect them to be a trusted advisor, more and more IT companies are training their technicians on how to sell more products and services, rather than training them on better customer service.

We recently met with a new customer who had been sold an upgrade to their phone system by their former IT service provider. The reason for the upgrade was to get the phone system to work with two other applications. However, the upgrade was completely unnecessary for integrating the applications. The problem was that their former IT services company’s incentives were not aligned with the client’s. They made $20,000 or more in commission on the upgrade because they are a reseller for the phone system.

So, be sure to ask your IT service provider when they recommend a system, hardware or software, whether they are a reseller. It just makes sense for you to understand what their incentives are.

At Skyriver IT, we do not resell any products or services, because we want to be trusted advisors to our clients, without any conflicting incentives. In addition, we put our effort into training our technicians to provide better customer service, not sell more.

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