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Is Your Company Taking A C-Suite Approach To Technology?

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Dhoof Mohamed

More than 80% of small businesses today are using technology to promote products and communicate with suppliers. Virtually all aspects of business today have elements of technology that support it. Although businesses see the fruits of leveraging technology for their needs, they still have not yet truly capitalized on technology. The most successful startups and businesses today take a C-Suite approach to technology. Instead of just looking for different software programs for their needs, they use technology ubiquitously throughout their business. 

What is a C-Suite approach?

A C-Suite approach to technology is approaching the technology of your company from an executive lens. The C-Suite is a term that is used to refer to the executive managers of an organization. These executive management positions often include roles like the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and more. For example, the C-Suite for a company like Amazon would include the following people:

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The C-Suite approach is basically how these kinds of managers would approach how to use technology in their business. Instead of focusing on specific day-to-day technology adjustments, a C-Suite approach would look at the most holistic and high ROI activities regarding a business's technology. If you had Jeff Bezos and Andy Jassy manage your business, what changes would they make to how your business approaches technology? That’s how you should view a C-Suite approach to your business.

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How can you start incorporating elements of a C-Suite approach?

The good thing is you can start applying a C-Suite approach without having to onboard Jeff Bezos into your business. Some of the actions you can take today to implement a C-Suite approach include:

Integrating technology and business: For many small businesses, technology and overall business operations are two separate entities. A C-Suite approach doesn’t make the distinction between tech and business. This is because improvements in technology are synonymous with improving business objectives. Synchronizing business and technology efforts is a great first step in taking a C-Suite approach.

Modernizing IT infrastructure: The vast majority of small businesses are running on legacy systems and their IT infrastructure can be compromised. In fact, many businesses believe they cannot afford to improve their IT infrastructure. The truth is that modernizing your IT infrastructure will bolster your business’ bottom line in addition to your cybersecurity. A modernized IT infrastructure will ensure a business is agile enough to meet market demands and changes. 

Leveraging managed services: A C-Suite approach doesn’t mean your business has to be asset-heavy. In fact, many C-Suite-run businesses leverage countless managed services because it’s more cost-efficient than doing it in-house. Partnering with a provider like Skyriver IT will help provide additional services without the added overhead and management. 


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