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Is Someone Really Managing Your Network?

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

In talking with companies around San Diego, we find that many companies (and not just small ones) do not have someone managing their networks. They had someone set it up and then let it run on its own until there is a problem.

Yes, networks can work for a year or more with no intervention. However, it is risky in terms of security and functionality. For companies that rely on their networks, and not many don’t these days, you want your network to be reliable and protected. You can do that by taking these important measures:

1) Keep Security Up-to-Date

Plugging security vulnerabilities is an ongoing effort. Hackers regularly exploit new vulnerabilities that are found. To protect against these, someone needs to regularly update your programs, operating system and anti-virus software.

2) Manage Network Access

Not everyone in your company should have access to everything on your network. Appropriate access controls ensure employees can only access appropriate information. Without appropriate controls, a tech savvy employee can get access to sensitive information, such as other employee’s salaries or company financials.

3) Check Backups Before You Need Them

Any type of backup system can fail. The problem is that users do not find out a backup is not working until it is too late. To avoid this problem, regularly test backups to ensure that the data you think is getting backed up really is.

By implementing these three measures, you can be much more confident that your network will not fail your business.

Getting Help to Manage Your Network

If you would like help managing your network, let’s talk. Skyriver IT makes it easy for companies to secure their networks and proactively manage it to avoid unnecessary downtime. To schedule a time to talk, contact us.

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