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Introducing Redtail: A Must-Have Tool For Financial Professionals

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

For financial professionals, managing customer relationships, client based work and other communications can be very demanding. From prospecting to taking meetings, it’s often difficult to keep track of workflow and this can lead to undesirable outcomes like loss of leads, clients and reputation. Financial professionals today use various kinds of software programs to help meet client needs, but these programs cannot fulfill all the needs for financial professionals.

In contrast, Redtail serves as an inclusive platform to tackle the majority of financial professionals’ needs like facilitating meetings, phone calls and email communications. With Redtail, there’s no guesswork in client management. Redtail provides financial professionals with a complete dashboard that shows everything from meeting notes to detailed metrics that show the progress of a firm.

How can Redtail Help Your Business?

CRM: Redtail has several products that your business can leverage to grow significantly. The first and most impactful product is their CRM. It allows for integration with any existing databases or program you currently use, so transfering to its CRM platform is easy. With Speak, Redtail’s communication platform, your business is provided with searchable and archived chat solutions for all prospects and clients. All communications include delivery confirmation and chat history; this makes compliance much easier for your business.

Data management:Redtail’s CRM allows your firm to digitize all work and enables you to save and access documents using the cloud. With cloud storage and imaging capabilities, Redtail provides assurance for all photos, documents and files for your business indefinitely. Also, Redtail provides automatic backup for all documents you are currently working on to prevent loss of work. Redtail additionally provides routine audit trials for your documents to ensure you have records of all documents between your computer and Redtail servers.

Email: A significant portion of a financial professional’s time is spent going back and forth via email with prospects and clients. Redtail enables your business to increase its email bandwidth with its email features. When your business uses Redtail for your email communications, there’s no limit to how long you can save emails; this means absolutely no limits on storage, archive restrictions and contacts. All client documents are easily integrated into communications and you can safely access your email anywhere with their Webmaster feature.

If you’d like to learn more about Redtail and how your business can benefit from its use, talk to one of our experts today for a free consultation.

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