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Increasing Productivity with Tablets

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

Every once in awhile, a new technology comes along that is truly revolutionary and tablets are definitely one of those. The combination of touchscreen, portability, camera (video and still photo), gyroscope, GPS, and wireless/cellular networking allows companies do things in new ways.

Here are just a few examples of how tablets can make people more productive:

Up-to-Date Portfolio - For companies that need to show customers the type of work they do, a tablet allows them to photograph, edit and include images in their portfolio -- all while at the client location. They can also record video testimonials from customers.

Bring Your POS to the Customer -
Whether a restaurant or clothing retailer, your employees can bring your Point of Sale to the customer. In addition to speeding the payment process, customers can place online orders for items that are not in stock at the store.

Faster Estimates, Invoices and Payment - If you have people in the field, they can probably speed up the estimating, invoicing and payment process with a tablet. They can create estimates while at the client site and email it to them. If the client is ready to get started, they can sign the contract right on the tablet. Once work is finished, the invoice can be created and credit card payment taken right on the spot -- customers get better service and you get paid faster.

So, spend a little time looking at how tablets could make your team more productive. And if you would like an outside opinion on ways to leverage the power of tablets, feel free to contact us.

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