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Improving Efficiency with Integrated Data

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

Does your sales system talk to your accounting system? When companies are small, it’s not a problem when your systems don’t talk to each other, because everyone communicates regularly and the data is easy to track. However, as companies grow, data can get stuck in silos. This can lead to making decisions on inaccurate or incomplete data.

Or, your employees can end up spending a lot of time transferring data. For example, someone has to take the data from sales and put it into the accounting system. Aside from using a lot of your human resources inefficiently, it increases the chance for mistakes. Plus, it means your accounting data is always at least a little out of date.

If you are planning on significant growth over the next five years, you should choose their different systems with an eye towards system integration. As you grow from 10 people to 50, then to 100+, there is a growing benefit to having your different systems, such CRM, marketing, sales, and accounting, communicate with each other.

Even if you are not at the point where integrating your systems makes sense yet, it’s a good idea to start planning for it. As you grow, integrated systems will become increasingly valuable to your business.

Are your IT investments part of a growth roadmap, or just on an as-needed basis? To get the most out of your IT investments, your organization can benefit from an IT roadmap that is designed to support your growth.

Improving Your IT Infrastructure

Most businesses can benefit from having someone assess how their business systems can better support business goals. Skyriver IT helps businesses leverage technology to improve existing processes and ensure you have the right technology in place for growth.

If this would be of interest to you, then contact us to schedule a time to talk.

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