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Dhoof Mohamed

Are you using technology to its fullest potential? Far too often, we see businesses that just slap technology onto existing business processes without looking at the process itself. Yes, it is typically better to have things digitally rather than on paper, but there is often so much more you can do.

Skyriver IT recently helped a company that was taking 6-7 days to onboard new clients. They had automated a lot of their systems, but it was just an electronic version of what they had been doing before automating. After doing a full study of their processes, applications, data and technology, we were able to make recommendations that allowed them to further automate some of their processes and reduce their time for onboarding a client to just 2 days. And, it took less man hours to do it.

Onboarding clients faster meant they could get paid 4-5 days sooner, and the automated capacity allows them to take on more clients without having to add new staff.

So if you would like to look for opportunities to improve your processes and accelerate your growth, take a look at how technology could help you. It can make a huge improvement on operations and the results that your clients see.

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