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How to Reduce Downtime with Virtualization

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

Reducing downtime is always a great outcome, but what exactly is virtualization? It is a great way to make sure your “server” is not reliant on a single physical server. Let me explain...

Virtualization makes your operating system, applications and data independent of a single physical machine. So, you can put more than one virtual server on a single machine, or you can spread a virtual server across more than one machine. So, there are two primary ways you can use virtualization to minimize downtime.

The first way to minimize downtime is to spread your virtual server across several physical machines. While your server acts as a single server, it actually uses the computing power of several physical machines. So, if any single machine fails, your virtual server continues to run with a little less computing power until the physical machine can be replaced.

If you do not need the computing power of several physical machines, you can still take advantage of virtualization. Your IT team can take regular “pictures” of your virtual server. So, if there is ever a problem with the physical machine your server is running on, your IT team can use the “picture” of your server to get up and running on a new machine in minutes rather than the hours it can take to restore a typical backup of a server.

Whichever way you choose to use virtualization, it is a great tool to reduce your potential downtime.

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