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How to Leverage Automation in IT Processes

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Dhoof Mohamed

Nearly 45% of current paid work processes can be automated according to a McKinsey report. This totals for over $2 trillion in the American economy and as automation trends continue, the majority of these functions will be outsourced to machines and software. IT automation entails using software to develop repeatable processes to replace employees interacting with IT systems. Companies that leverage automation have more operational bandwidth because their employees are not doing repetitive tasks. With technologies like the cloud and machine learning being deployed more often, IT automation can perform even more tasks and create a larger ROI for companies.

IT automation forces businesses to reexamine their business processes and spot inefficiencies that can be solved by automation. After completing a first IT automation project, businesses tend to continue exploring all the ways automation can reduce overhead while increasing production. Some of the benefits of IT automation include:

Productivity: Businesses can exponentially increase their productivity with the use of automation. When a part of a business is automated, employees can direct their time at work to more efficient and profitable operations. If automation is done for several parts of a business, the total productivity in the business can increase by multiple factors in a short period of time. This creates a snowball effect and any part of the business that can be automated will be.

Optimization: Automation enables businesses to optimize their current business systems and protocols. When a system is automated, businesses can control what the new protocol for a system will be. This allows businesses to customize responses based on the incident that occurs. With this, businesses can be proactive and leverage automated responses for any business activity that occurs routinely.

Overhead reduction: Many current processes that businesses use are very costly to run. The number of employees needed to manage a system in addition to the operational costs it takes to run a system can quickly add up. With IT automation, businesses can completely remove costs like employee wages, maintenance costs and additional charges associated with running a business system. After the automation project is completed, all a system needs is minor oversight and occasional upgrades.

Skyriver IT has significant experience with developing and deploying IT automation systems. Many of the services Skyriver IT offers can entail different forms of automation. With automation, activities like maintenance, upgrades, fixing minor errors, help desk and more can be partially or completely automated. You can consult with one of the automation experts at Skyriver IT to develop a strategy for IT automation for your organization. During your consultation, you can inquire all the ways your business can leverage automation and the associated results that are generated from this.

To learn more about how your business can leverage automation in your operations, take a free assessment here.

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