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How Long Do You Have to Wait for IT Support?

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

Does this sound familiar? Your computer is no longer connecting to the network and you have no idea why. You contact tech support and leave a voicemail. Tech support calls you back about 90 minutes later, but you are heading to a meeting and not at your computer. You call them back after your meeting and have to wait another 15 minutes to get a call back.

After all of this back and forth, it only requires a 2-minute change to one of your settings to get you back on the network. In the mean time, you had to read and respond to emails on your phone and you were not able to get a document from the server that you wanted for your meeting. Isn't that frustrating?

The Benefits of Live Support

When an IT service provider offers a 4-hour response time, or even a 60-minute response time, they are saying that they value their time much more than yours. This frustrates me as much as it does most users who have to wait for support.

A truly professional IT service provider understands that you have to support users in the way that they need support, not in the way that is most convenient for the provider. That is why I highly recommend that you consider getting live IT support for your users. It increases their productivity when they can get a technician on the phone immediately to solve their problem and get them back to work.

Does it cost more? In most cases, live IT support does not cost significantly more than support with a 4-hour or less response time. And the incremental cost of live support (if there is any at all) needs to be weighed against the productivity of your team.

Regardless of which IT service provider you choose, you should seriously consider whether live support is a priority for you and your team.

About Skyriver IT

Our mission at Skyriver IT is to professionalize the IT services business. We provide small and midsize companies with 24/7 live support as well as help in making better IT decisions. If you would like to discuss whether live IT support would cost you any more than your current service, please feel free visit or call to speak to an IT Support Professional now at (858) 812-9322.

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