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How a Translator Can Improve Your IT Infrastructure

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

Do you speak IT? Most business managers do not. There can be a real communication and knowledge gap between business leaders and IT professionals. You talk about margins, return on investment, and company culture. IT professionals talk about uptime, data access speeds, and response times. The gap can be so big that it feels like a foreign language and culture.

That is where a translator can help. A Chief Information Officer (CIO) helps you bridge the differences of the language and customs between you and the IT team, just as a translator would in a different country.

A CIO’s role is to understand the needs of the business and interpret them into IT terms and goals. This involves translating strategy into IT infrastructure needs and identifying where technology can be leveraged to improve business processes.

And while small and mid-size businesses cannot afford to hire a full-time CIO, they can benefit from this type of guidance. That is why using CIO Services a couple of hours per month or even quarterly can be a great alternative.

CIO Services can help you:

  • Leverage IT to improve business systems which allow your business to grow faster or reduce costs
  • Assess new technologies and ensure they fit into your current workflows
  • Estimate the full cost of a technology investment, including implementation and support costs
  • Help your IT staff understand how IT can support your business goals

When you make a small upfront investment in CIO Services, you can be confident that your IT infrastructure will support your business goals.

Do CIO Services Make Sense for Your Business?

If you would like to more fully leverage technology for your business, CIO services can make a big difference. Skyriver IT offers CIO expertise to help companies leverage technology for dramatic growth and cost containment. Contact us if you would like to schedule a time to talk.

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