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Getting Internal IT Projects Done On Time

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

Internal IT projects can take a very long time to get done. If the team tells you it will take four weeks to complete a project, it can often take four months or longer. This is because of two challenges that internal teams face:

1) Distracted by day-to-day support

While IT projects can can be important for a company’s future success (e.g. upgrading the network, improving security, or migrating to a new CRM system), day-to-day issues can seem more urgent. When someone’s computer is down or there is a new user to set up, it distracts from the project. The solution is to dedicate specific resources to the project and have other resources available to work on the day-to-day support.

2) Specific skill set is lacking

Most IT projects require different IT skills than day-to-day support. The team has to research it and apply some trial and error to get things working properly. So, it can make a lot of sense to supplement your internal team with the specific skills necessary to get the project done promptly. For example, a network design specialist can typically design an effective network in a fraction of the time that it would take an IT generalist.

Another option to keep your IT projects on time, is to bring in an outsourced IT team to tackle the project. This allows your internal team to stay focused on keeping the day-to-day business running well and for your project to get done on time.

Getting your projects done on time

If you would like help getting your IT projects done on time, let’s talk. We ensure that the right specialist is on the project and allow your internal team to continue focusing on what they do best. To schedule a time to talk, contact us.

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