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Gearing Up for Growth? Don’t Cut Corners.

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

As you are planning for growth, be sure you are not cutting corners on your IT infrastructure. Are you gearing up for growth? A lot of the companies I talk to are really starting to feel things turn around and are moving their focus from survival to growth. As you are planning for growth, be sure you are not cutting corners on your IT infrastructure.

During the lean times of the last few years, many companies cut a lot of costs just to survive. And that made a lot of sense! There is no sense making capital investments when you are not sure your company will be around in six months. However, now that we have turned the corner, it is important to make sure your cost cutting is not leading to too much risk.

For example, I talked with a company that was backing up their servers to another company’s servers to save money. While it is better than not backing up at all, it is certainly not a secure backup. Since they are now starting to grow again, they should move to a backup service that can provide more security and reliability.

Now is the time to do a review of your IT infrastructure and look for possible points of failure. These are the things you want to address as soon as you have the capital to invest, so you do not risk your opportunities for growth.

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