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written by
Dhoof Mohamed

As we continue to grow, one of our challenges is finding experienced IT engineers who are interested in helping us change the IT services industry. So, we are always looking for experienced engineers that might be a good fit.

We find that even engineers who are not looking for a new position are interested in learning more about how Skyriver IT is different. One of those ways is that we invest time and money in training. In addition to the typical technical training most IT engineers receive, Skyriver IT provides training in:

• Customer service best practices – we want our engineers to solve client problems in a way that makes clients feel valued.

• Organizational training – this helps engineers understand how the different parts of an organization work together, so recommendations work within the context of the whole organization.

We create a culture where our engineers feel valued and enjoy their work. This leads to happy employees who take better care of our clients. So, if you know any experienced IT people who would be interested in working with a different type of IT company, we would appreciate an introduction. You can send introductions to or have them contact us directly. Thanks for your help!

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