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Enterprise Camera Systems and Keyless Access in 2021

10 mins read
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Dhoof Mohamed

Companies lose over $400 billion per year due to activities like vandalism and theft. Small businesses in particular can lose up to $50,000 per year due to theft and vandalism. Although businesses can choose to pursue legal actions against perpetrators, it’s more proactive to invest in an enterprise camera system to deter these types of activities from occurring. Having a comprehensive enterprise camera system enables businesses to have 24/7 surveillance from anywhere. If any circumstance occurs, businesses will have evidence to pursue any legal actions.

Verkada enterprise camera system:  There are many enterprise camera systems on the market, but few offer the features that Verkada offers. Skyriver IT is a certified partner with Verkada and can help businesses set up and manage their security systems. Skyriver IT partnered with Verkada because they offer the most comprehensive services to protect businesses. Some of the features that Verkada provides for businesses include:

  • Personalized user permissions: Many businesses operate in sectors like healthcare where there are many regulations regarding data. With Verkada, businesses can easily comply with regulations with built-in features like restricting camera access based on sites and live-only viewing. This prevents anyone internally from misusing the security systems.
  • Installation and warranty: The Verkada security system only takes 10 minutes to install and there is a 10-year warranty on the system. All of the hardware and software that the system has is easy to install and easy to use. This ensures that businesses that invest in Verkada systems will have a good return on their investment.
  • Advanced security features: Verkada has features like finding persons of interest. This allows any suspect to be found quickly based on their descriptions and locations they have visited. This prevents businesses from wasting hours on looking back through security footage.

Having good security systems in place allows businesses to explore keyless access for rooms and buildings. Keyless access is where an employee can get access to a location without a key. This is often in the form of scanned badges. There are new trends to keyless access that businesses should be aware of. These trends offer better security and convenience. The trends include:

  • Mobile keyless access: Using mobile devices to get access to areas is a prominent trend in keyless access. Physical badges have their benefits, but if they get stolen, any intruder can gain access to sensitive locations. Mobile access ensures more safety for businesses because even if someone were to steal any employee’s device, they would need to know the passcode also. This adds more convenience for employees because they always have their mobile device with them. 
  • Cloud-based security: Using keyless access opens up the opportunity for businesses to use cloud technology for added security. The biggest and most data-sensitive organizations in the world like the CIA and FBI use the cloud to secure their data. Businesses will have huge benefits of using cloud-based security for their keyless access systems. 
  • Multi-factor authentication: One of the best ways to improve security is through multi-factor authentication. Since more employees are able to use mobile devices for keyless access, businesses can incorporate multi-factor authentication for added security. 

To learn more about how a Verkada camera system can help secure your business, get a free consultation here today. 

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