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Don’t Fall Hostage to Your IT Team

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

Do you ever feel like a hostage to your IT people? The right IT Team should never make you feel like you're held hostage. It’s a common feeling, because there is often a lack of proper IT documentation. I have frequently seen companies that stay with their IT provider for months, even when there is a significant drop in service. They feel like a hostage when they do not have clear documentation on their network and all of the necessary passwords.

Why does this happen? In general, IT engineers don’t like to document things. They would rather solve problems or test new technology than spend time documenting the network. So, if you leave it up to them, it does not get done.

So, how can you avoid being a hostage to your IT team? Even when things are going well, be sure that your IT team (whether internal or external) documents the network and all passwords. So, if your service levels deteriorate, you can quickly move to a new IT provider. Plus, it’s good to have proper documentation if an emergency comes up. If your IT person is on vacation or is out sick, someone else can use the documentation to quickly solve any problems.

As part of our initial work for a new client, Skyriver IT provides documentation for the system including a network diagram and passwords. This allows you to be be more independent of your specific IT team.

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