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Does Your IT Team Think Beyond a Technology Mindset?

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

What is a technology mindset?

There are ranging definitions of what exactly a technology mindset is. In the case of IT teams, technology mindset refers to focusing mainly on the technology infrastructure of the company instead of other cross-functional efforts. This technology mindset is not necessarily bad, but it limits the capabilities of a company.

The IT team is the backbone of any company. They power many of the infrastructure that the rest of employees need to carry out their roles. IT teams with a technology mindset focus primarily on the technical day to day operations; they don’t have the flexibility to accommodate other teams and this can lead to teams being siloed and working independently.

This technology mindset specifically impacts alignment within a company. 97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project. If IT teams have a technology mindset, they virtually have no alignment with other teams. Helping IT teams adopt a more agile and cross-functional mindset is crucial to abandoning the technology-centric mindset. 

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How do you know if your IT team doesn’t think beyond a technology mindset?

There are some signs you can use to indicate whether your IT team is not thinking beyond a technology-centric mindset. Some of those signs include:

Isolation: An IT team that behaves siloed and isolated from the rest of the company will not think beyond a technology mindset. This is because they are rarely interacting with other stakeholders in the business and they are unfamiliar with their pain points.

Resistance to change: Modern companies will require significant change. This may result in changes that are vital for business and suboptimal for technology. If an IT team is resisting needed change within the company simply based on technology, it’s a key indicator that it doesn’t think beyond a technology mindset.

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How can you help your IT Team think beyond a technology mindset?

Executives can take several measures to help IT teams think beyond a technology mindset. Some of the steps they can take include:

Introduce mindset changes: Your IT team does not know what mindset they should adopt unless it’s clearly introduced and explained to them. After explaining what mindset the IT team should adopt, you need to detail the specific changes that the IT team needs to make to embody the new mindset. 

Facilitate communication: Communication is the most integral factor in improving cross functional collaboration. The more friction there is between teams communicating, the less likely communication will be amongst teams. Taking small steps like using Slack channels or apps like Asana between teams can help centralize communications

Include IT teams in business strategy: The IT team should not consist of employees receiving orders from managers. This practice reinforces the technology mindset businesses are trying to avoid. IT teams should be active stakeholders in business meetings, so they can share input on how their operations can supplement the overall business objectives. 


To learn more about how to evolve your IT team’s technology mindset, talk to an expert here

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