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Does Your Business Have The Wrong Approach To IT?

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

Your business’ approach to IT is one of the most important strategic decisions. It’s often easy to see how a business approaches IT by the outcomes they get. A business that is riddled with IT downtime, weak security infrastructure and operational inefficiencies is likely a business with a very poor IT strategy. The approach a business has to IT will be exhibited in both IT operations and IT strategy. Taking the time to inspect your business’ approach to IT can help revolutionize your internal processes and overall business.

How are businesses approaching IT today?

Many businesses that haven’t adopted modern IT systems view IT as a cost of doing business. They view the IT department as just a place where all the technical errors in the business are fixed. This could not be further from the truth. As businesses have progressed, IT has become an integral part of basically every department within a business. 

This view of IT that businesses have today is a primary reason why they struggle with many IT-related business objectives. They fail to see the tremendous ROI that IT can have on a business. The lack of investment that businesses today have in their IT system is a leading factor to when they have their systems compromised, experience downtime and more. 

Businesses need to forgo the archaic approaches to IT that they currently use and adopt modern approaches that will benefit their businesses. With a modern view of how IT functions in a business, businesses can improve their bottom lines while concurrently improving productivity and reducing costs.

What are some right approaches to IT?

Proactiveness: Proactiveness is one of the best approaches to IT today. Proactiveness is not just a blanket term, it has specific characteristics that accompany it in terms of IT strategy. A business that has a proactive approach to IT will have a disaster recovery plan, have contingency plans for situations and remain compliant with any regulatory requirements. This approach makes sure a business is able to handle any situation. 

Security-first: Security is the most important focus for an IT department. Many IT departments may seek to use new technologies at the cost of security. Taking a security-first approach to business is the right technology decision in addition to the right business decision. This will help businesses stay secure while enjoying the dividends of having a modern IT system.

Leveraging modern technologies: The hallmark of any IT department is using the latest and best technologies to achieve business goals. Many businesses today are not using technologies like cloud computing and artificial intelligence to perform their operational needs. Having a culture that embraces new technologies is a better approach to IT than sticking with old legacy systems due to familiarity. Giving these new technologies a chance will exhibit that they are more cost-effective and will drive productivity substantially in comparison to the current tools that businesses use.

If you want to learn more about how to develop your business’ approach to IT, talk to an expert here for a free consultation. 

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