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Does My Business Need Server Support?

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Dhoof Mohamed

What is server support?

Server support helps provide business with proactive server services to avoid any failure and downtime with servers. These services ensure that a business has uptime, continuity and stability to help meet all client demands. The majority of IT providers who provide server support offer 24/7 server support for their clients. This helps cover any server emergency that occurs and IT providers can help businesses return to normal operations as quickly as possible. 

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Benefits of server support

Autonomy: One of the main reasons that businesses choose to use their own servers instead of outsourcing is to have control over their data. Server support enables your business to continue to have autonomy and avoid having your data intercepted or be hacked. This is also a competitive advantage for larger businesses.

Avoid downtime: Another great benefit of server support is that you avoid IT downtime in your business. Downtime can cost a business thousands of dollars per hour and it’s one of the main reasons that businesses start using their own servers. Server support can help ensure your servers are secured and mitigate any risk of them experiencing any downtime. 

Accessing data quickly: With server support, you can access your data more quickly in comparison to using a third party provider. An IT provider can help you set up your own internal server where you have the maximum proximity and speed for your business. This will help you access all of your data quickly and allow you to use more storage.

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When does your business need server support?

The need for server support is tied directly to your business objectives and the amount of data usage in your business. Some of the common scenarios where businesses need server support include:

Vital applications: If your business uses a large and complex application for customer or enterprise needs, server support may be required. These applications are generally the cornerstone for a business and server support helps minimize the risk of the application failing and causing downtime for the business. 

Connectivity: When a business uses a third party for their networking needs, the connectivity is generally suboptimal. Some customers may require extremely fast connectivity just to do day to day operations; this can be a scenario where a business needs server support so they can have their own reliable connectivity.

Security: Businesses that have their own servers will need server support from an IT provider. Many businesses operate in sensitive industries like healthcare where data is very valuable, so they opt to have their own servers. Server support allows these businesses to store their files safely and avoid using a third party where data can be compromised more easily. Server support can also help businesses do other activities like file sharing securely. 

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