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Do You Trust Your IT Team?

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

Do you want to be an expert in IT? I expect not. You want someone to ensure your IT infrastructure works day in and day out. Any failures can lead to a great deal of frustration and lost productivity.

So, what do you really need from your IT team, whether internal or outsourced? You need someone who is technically competent and who you can trust. Of course a referral is a great place to start in terms of trust. However, to build and maintain trust, you need someone who can communicate clearly and in terms you (a non-technical person) can understand.

The big challenge is that the IT industry attracts people who like working with systems and computers more than people. Then, most companies train IT professionals on new technology and just expect them to be able to communicate with customers. Finally, they are given roles where they need to communicate complex issues to non-technical people. It’s clearly a recipe for frustration for everyone involved.

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To improve your IT team’s performance, train them in customer service and communications, not just new technology. Of course, it's good to have your team stay up-to-date on technology, but it is critical for their success to learn proper communication and service delivery skills.

Skyriver IT is Focused on Communication & Trust

Of course, we think there is an easier way to improve your communication with your IT team. Choose Skyriver IT - we have built our company around better communication with customers, so that we consistently build trust. Our technicians are trained on technical skills and customer service skills. We regularly have customers surprised with our technicians' follow-up and communication skills.

To discuss how you can have better communication and improved trust with your IT Service Provider, please contact us.

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