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Do you have realistic technology expectations?

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

As users of technology, we all want it to just work -- to be intuitive and reliable. That is why Apple products have done so well, particularly on the intuitive side. However, technology does not always work and we should be ready for that reality.

For example, email works really well 99.9% of the time. However, just like with US Postal Service, there can be occasional delays and even lost messages. Knowing that, we can mitigate the risk. So, if were are sending a critical document, it is probably a good idea to ask the recipient to confirm receipt of the email or follow up with a phone call.

While more companies are focusing on making things simpler for users, the actually technology supporting this simplicity is getting more complex. For cloud computing, you are reliant on the cloud servers, the internet connection at the hosting facility, your internet connection, and your local computer or device. There are many more points of failure or potential bottlenecks than just working on your local computer.

That is not to say that cloud computer or other new technologies are not worth adopting. On the contrary, many technologies can really increase productivity and simplify our lives. We just need to have realistic expectations for these technologies, because everything is not going to work perfectly all of the time (what does?). With proper expectations for IT, we can be better prepared when something does not work quite as we expect.

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