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Beware of the Disappearing IT Consultant

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

It happens more often than you would think: a company is working with an IT consultant, who is a one-man shop. One day, he up and disappears -- whether he takes a full-time job or just decides to get out of the business, the company cannot reach him via email or phone.

This creates more than just an inconvenience. He often is the only one with the administrative passwords for the network and computers. In addition, he is the only one who understands how the network is set up. So, if you are working with an IT consultant who is a one-man shop, I highly recommend that you:

1) Get All of Your Passwords
Even if you do not know what to do with them, find out what all of the administrative passwords are for your network and computers. This can save a huge amount of time and effort if you need help from someone other than your current IT consultant.

2) Have Your IT Consultant Document the Network
While a new IT provider can figure it out eventually, it can save a lot of their time and your money if the person who set up the network can sketch it out and document it.

Working with individual IT consultants can be nice from a trust and cost perspective. However, you want to be sure you have some key pieces of information in case they are ever not reachable.

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