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Better IT Management Equals Better Results

10 mins read
written by
Dhoof Mohamed

In speaking with many organizations and IT professionals, it has become clear that IT professionals typically get promoted to IT management for one of two reasons: they have been there the longest or they are the most capable team member at problem solving. Notice that good managerial skills are not a reason.

This often creates a real problem with IT teams. You have a leader who is technically competent, but does not have natural managerial skills and has not received any training. So, the IT team typically lacks project management skills and often runs into personnel issues because of poor people management.

Because IT infrastructure is so important for most businesses, disfunction in the IT department can cause problems in the rest of of the business. That is why business leaders should take management and development of their internal IT teams more seriously.

When you invest in your IT manager’s skills, you get better results: IT projects completed on time and for a lower cost, fewer personnel issues, and better support for your organization. That sounds like a pretty good ROI to me.

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Improving IT Infrastructure and Teams

Most businesses can benefit from having someone assess how their business systems and IT team can better support business goals. Skyriver IT helps businesses leverage technology to improve existing processes and ensure you have an IT team with the right skills supporting your business efficiently.

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